Bears feed mostly on plants

Bears feed mostly on plants

The 56-year-old hadn’t come to work, so they looked after him in the single-family house in Kössen not far from the border with Germany. "Because the accused was obviously impaired, the work colleagues looked for the woman and finally found her dead in the basement", said the head of the Tyrolean State Criminal Police Office, Katja Tersch, of the Austrian news agency APA.

A barrier makes life difficult for the inhabitants of the mountain village Hinterriss in Corona times. The enclave with around 30 people belongs to the Austrian municipality of Vomp, but can only be reached from Bavaria. Because of the border controls in the course of the corona pandemic, a street has now been closed, a barrier, which is otherwise only closed when there is a risk of avalanches, seals off the shortest route to the next Austrian town of Achenkirch. The residents now have to take long detours to get to the doctor in Austria, the bank, the post office or the pharmacy.

Mayor Manfred Reindl would have to drive an 80-kilometer detour to pick up the post for the other residents in Achenkirch. Even the normal route – counting the way there and back – is around 75 kilometers long. The postman cannot be expected to walk twice as long. Now there is an almost conspiratorial solution: mayor and postman meet at the barrier, parcels and mail are pushed through underneath.

Bayerischer Rundfunk reported on it first. Even the district administrator of the neighboring district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Josef Niedermeier, has not been able to help so far. The federal police make a specification without knowing the local conditions in detail, he told the BR. The officers had forbidden Reindl to climb over the barrier. And he doesn’t get a key.

Therefore, it remains with the handover solution for the time being. Finally, it is unclear how long the lockdown will last, says Reindl. "You can’t have no mail for three months, and you can’t have two weeks either."

A good three weeks after the brown bear snapshot from a wildlife camera in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district, there is no trace of the animal. "He is as inconspicuous as in the weeks before", said a spokeswoman for the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) on Thursday. "We have no further evidence of the bear since the photo trap picture." The camera photographed the animal on the night of October 23. It was the first sighting of a brown bear on German soil since the bear Bruno was shot down a good 13 years ago.

Near the camera, experts secured traces of fur and excrement that could contain the bear’s DNA. These traces are now evaluated. One hopes to get more clarity about the origin of the animal. It is assumed that it is a male bear who, like his famous predecessor Bruno, came from the Italian Trentino to Bavaria via Tyrol.

It is currently unclear whether he is still in Bavaria at all. So far there has not been a single crack in the Free State. However, bears mainly feed on plants. The LfU spokeswoman said it was unlikely that the bear had already retired to hibernate. Because there is still enough food like grass, berries and fruits. Bears feed mostly on plants.

The spokeswoman emphasized that there was no reason to be concerned about the new bear. He behaves absolutely typical of wild animals, inconspicuous and shy. As long as people behaved sensibly and did not leave any leftover food or rubbish in nature, the authorities assumed that there were no problems.

A twelve-year-old boy from Munich was hit and injured by a boulder while hiking in the Austrian Alps. As the police reported on Thursday, the child was with his family in the Zillertal near Mayrhofen on the way to a waterfall. During the ascent, a boulder measuring 100 by 50 centimeters suddenly came loose and brushed the twelve-year-old.argumentative essay on music The boy lost his balance and fell into a stream bed. He sustained injuries to his forearm, thigh and ankle. The injured man was rescued by a helicopter and flown to a hospital.

A missing hiker was found dead in Tyrol. The man belonged to a group of hikers. His absence was noticed late.

A 61-year-old German died while hiking near Walchsee in Tyrol. As the state police department in Tyrol announced on Wednesday, the man who had been missing for several days could only be found after a long search. 

The man belonged to a hiking group that set out from an alpine pasture into the valley on Monday near Walchsee. After the group split up, the man was found missing that evening.

On the same day, the local police started a search, which, however, could not be continued until the next morning due to the weather conditions. On Tuesday afternoon, the man was found on inaccessible, sloping terrain. According to the police, it was initially unclear how the accident could have happened.

Sources used: dpa

A skier from the Brandenburg district of Spree-Neisse who died in Tyrol, Austria, went off-piste. The spokeswoman for the Tyrolean police department, Sabine Reinthaler, said on Wednesday. "The location of the tracks shows that". According to her information, the 58-year-old had left the ski slope in the Tux municipality on Monday and drove to stone-occupied area. There he must have fallen on a stone, the spokeswoman continued. A multiple trauma as a result of the fall was diagnosed as the cause of death.

Two skiers who happened to pass the scene of the accident had tried in vain to reanimate the 58-year-old. The man died at the scene of the accident. According to the police, the man’s body should be autopsied. At first she had "Lausitzer Rundschau" reported.

According to the Austrian news agency APA, a 79-year-old from Munich also had an accident on Monday in a skiing accident in Austria. According to the police, the 79-year-old man drove over the marked edge of the slope in the Grubigstein ski area, fell and remained motionless. Two uninvolved skiers passing by immediately provided first aid. However, an emergency doctor could only determine death, it said.

A car, a bus and an ambulance collided in the Verden district near Ottersberg, and according to initial findings, four people were injured. The 19-year-old ambulance driver was in mortal danger, and her 43-year-old passenger was seriously injured, the police said. You were taken to a hospital.

A 39-year-old, who was driving behind a car following the ambulance on Landesstrasse 168, overtook it at the moment the ambulance turned and stood across the street. He crashed his car into the side of the ambulance, the car skidded and collided with an oncoming bus. The 39-year-old and the 56-year-old bus driver were slightly injured according to initial findings.

According to the police, there were no passengers on the bus and there was no patient in the ambulance.

In the fight for storm talent Erling Haaland, Bundesliga soccer club RB Leipzig is left behind. The 19-year-old Norwegian instead signed a contract with league competitor Dortmund until 2024, as the Revierclub announced. Haaland had a fixed transfer fee of around 20 million euros in his contract with Red Bull Salzburg.

Previously, the "picture"-Zeitung reports that the attacker canceled Leipzig. The reason for the decision should be, on the one hand, that RB could not guarantee him playing time due to the competitive situation in the attack. In addition, the 19-year-old’s salary expectations would move outside of the Leipzig structure.

The former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger has a very big dream on the occasion of his 60th birthday next Tuesday. "My greatest wish for my 60th birthday would be to have all of my children around me. I haven’t done that yet, but that’s what concerns me the most"said Berger in an interview with the German press agency. The boss of the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) and businessman has two small children Ella and Johann with his partner Helene. The adult daughters Sara and Heidi as well as Christina come from previous relationships of the Austrian.

Berger competed in 210 Formula 1 Grand Prix from 1984 to 1997 and won ten of them. At BMW he was Motorsport Director (1998-2003), later co-owner of Toro Rosso (2006-2008). After the sudden death of his father Johann in 1997, the Tyrolean joined the local haulage company.

"Today I’m happy, today I like it because it’s a family business that my father handed over to me", said Gerhard Berger, who had been strangling with his new job for a long time. "My heart and soul has always been in motorsport and not in logistics. In the meantime, my heart and soul is not in logistics, but in corporate development."

After Eintracht Frankfurt’s Europa League game at RB Salzburg was postponed to Friday, manager Martin Przondziono from Bundesliga bottom Paderborn complained. "The setting is a distortion of competition"he said "picture" and the "Sports picture". Should Eintracht return to the Bundesliga at Werder Bremen only 48 hours later, a rested Werder team, currently in 17th place in the table, would play on Sunday against a team that did not have a two-day break.

The German Football League had therefore announced on Thursday evening that it would examine the case. "The DFL is in contact with both clubs in this regard. The DFL will decide tomorrow, Friday, about a possible rescheduling of the Bundesliga match between SV Werder Bremen and Eintracht Frankfurt", it said in a message.

The Eintracht game planned for Thursday in Salzburg had been canceled due to a hurricane warning. A safe arrival and departure of the audience could not have been ensured.

On the way to Austria on Christmas vacation, a German pilot and his two daughters crashed in a small plane. One of the seriously injured children has now died of his serious injuries, as the hospital announced on Friday. The twelve-year-old suffered several broken bones and internal injuries. The nine-year-old sister survived with bruises.

The father (66) from the Cologne area was killed in the crash on December 21st. The mother had driven the car and wanted to meet her family at the winter sports resort. The plane had taken off at Cologne / Bonn Airport and the pilot wanted to go to Zell am See. The weather was bad there. The machine crashed into a wooded mountain slope in the municipality of Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse (Pinzgau).

In Austria, a toddler ran into a relative’s car and was run over. Now it has succumbed to its injuries in the hospital.

A one-year-old boy who was run over by his great-uncle in Stumm in the Austrian Zillertal died in a clinic from his injuries. A police spokesman confirmed a report from "ORF Tirol". ‘ 

Flensburg: threat of amok against school – police arrest 17-year-olds No accident: investigation into attempted murder after explosion in Sweden attack in Hamm: masked shoots 18-year-old cyclist in the face

The 75-year-old driver had a brief chat with the child’s grandfather on a local road through the open passenger side on Tuesday. According to the police, the boy must have run in front of the car unnoticed during this time. When the great-uncle drove off, he caught the child in his car. It was flown to the clinic by helicopter.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Tragedy near the German-Austrian border. An avalanche hit several people in Reutte. At least one person was killed.

At least one person was killed in an avalanche near the border with Germany in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The masses of snow had fallen in the Tyrolean district capital Reutte in the Ammerwald district.

Another person was injured, according to the report, the other three so far recovered were uninjured. The search for more buried victims continued despite the onset of darkness with numerous emergency services.

According to the APA, the emergency services had to be flown to the avalanche cones by helicopter because the access roads could not be used due to the danger of avalanches. The site of the accident can only be reached by land from the German side. Reutte is only three and a half kilometers from the Bavarian city of Füssen.

The avalanche danger in the area was given on Saturday with the second lowest of the five danger levels. APA pointed out that the accident happened on Saturday on the 20th anniversary of the avalanche accident in the Tyrolean town of Galtür. At that time, 31 people were torn to their deaths.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Chemical pollutants also accumulate far away from their original place of distribution in the heights of the Alps. For 15 years, scientists have measured various substances on the Zugspitze and in the Hohe Tauern that are distributed worldwide via the atmosphere. The results will be presented in Munich on Wednesday (10 a.m.). Scientists and Bavaria’s Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber (Free Voters) will take part in the event.

In the PureAlps project, the experts have been analyzing more than a hundred difficult to break down pollutants and studying their accumulation in alpine ecosystems since 2005 at the Schneefernerhaus environmental research station at around 2650 meters and at the Sonnblick observatory at 3106 meters. The results could provide the basis for future limit values ​​and production restrictions.

The substances examined included perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC), which, among other things, come from the manufacture of water and dirt-repellent coatings, brominated flame retardants and pollutants such as dioxins.

Because of a hurricane warning, Eintracht Frankfurt’s second round second leg in the Europa League at Red Bull Salzburg was canceled this Thursday evening. This was announced by the Hessian Bundesliga club. For the evening in Salzburg gusts of wind with top speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour were predicted. For this reason, a safe arrival and departure of the audience could not have been guaranteed.