Kilometers away

Kilometers away

Columnist Salvador García criticized the extradition in the newspaper “El Universal” as a gesture of submission. The transfer of “El Chapo” is an offering with which Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto is trying to please Trump, García wrote. But that didn’t work for Montezuma and the Spaniards even then.

“No special motivation”

The Mexican authorities rejected this interpretation. “There is no particular motivation for the decision to extradite El Chapo,” said Alberto Elías Beltrán from the Attorney General’s office. The extradition is the result of normal legal proceedings.

Politically motivated or not – with the extradition of the drug lord an era will come to an end. For decades he dominated the Latin American underworld. Guzmán smuggled tons of cocaine and heroin into the United States and made millions. He is said to be personally responsible for up to 3,000 murders. Not anymore.

“It is the end of Joaquín Guzmán’s criminal career,” wrote security expert Alejandro Hope in “El Universal”. “From a Mexican prison he could continue to control his illegal empire. In a US prison he will just be an old, sad inmate.”

Distribution conflicts could break out within the Sinaloa cartel. “I don’t think his empire is about to end,” said journalist and security expert Anabel Hernández recently to the German press agency. “It only goes from one hand to the other.”

His sons Alfredo and Iván Archivaldo as well as his brother Aureliano are likely to fight for the successor to “El Chapo”. And then there is Ismael Zambada García alias “El Mayo” – Guzmán’s longstanding partner. Most recently, the spectacular arrests of powerful cartel bosses in Mexico triggered a wave of violence. The posts in the criminal syndicates are often filled only after bloody power struggles.

According to security expert Hernández, a generation change is taking place in Mexico’s underworld anyway. “The cartels now have people with academic training who are inconspicuous and operate in the shadow of impunity and corruption,” she says. “Crime has the ability to reinvent itself over and over again.”

Will “El Chapo” speak?

For “El Chapo” the gangster life is now a thing of the past. But he should still have one or the other ace up his sleeve. After all, he knows the criminal syndicates and their illegal business like no other. “” El Chapo “will negotiate with the US authorities on debt relief and protection for his family in return for information,” says security expert Hope.

Fear is now widespread in political Mexico. Observers agree that compliant politicians and corrupt officials served Guzmán for a long time. There are rumors that the government has largely given the Sinaloa Cartel a free hand in its criminal dealings so that it can act as the dominant force in keeping the Mexican underworld calm. If “El Chapo” unpacks now, it could cost many of the country’s power elite their posts.

During his state visit to Germany, the Turkish president wanted to normalize relations. But a list of 69 names causes irritation again in Berlin.

Turkey is demanding that Germany extradite the journalist Can Dündar, who lives in exile in Berlin, and another 68 people. The Turkish secret service MIT gave the Federal Intelligence Service a list with the names of 69 terrorist suspects, their addresses and photos at the beginning of the week, reported the government-affiliated newspaper “Yeni Asir” on Friday. The Turkish President Erdogan has now confirmed the extradition request for Dündar.

Dündar is “an agent who has published state secrets,” said Erdogan on Friday after a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Berlin. Therefore, the former editor-in-chief of the government-critical newspaper “Cumhuriyet” has to be extradited to Turkey.

Not the first extradition request

Erdogan wanted to talk to Merkel about the list and demand that the suspects be immediately extradited or deported to Turkey, it said in “Yeni Asir”. In addition to Dündar, the list would include militant Kurds and left-wing extremists, as well as people whom Turkey accuses of a connection to the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who is in exile in the US.

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Erdogan blames the Gülen movement for the 2016 coup attempt. In the past, Turkey had repeatedly asked Germany to extradite terror suspects. However, the two countries have very different definitions of this.

Dündar does not hold a press conference

NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported that on Monday the Foreign Office received a verbal note from Turkey asking the Turkish embassy to arrest and extradite Dündar for espionage, betrayal of state secrets and propaganda.

Dündar was editor-in-chief of the dissident newspaper “Cumhuriyet” before he fled to Germany. His wife continues to live in Turkey and is not allowed to leave the country. Chancellor Merkel has sharply criticized Turkey’s actions against numerous Cumhuriyet employees who have been sentenced to prison terms on charges of terrorism.

Journalist is led away

There was a scandal on Friday about Dündar’s participation in the press conference. The dpa had told Dündar that he would take part in the press conference and ask Erdogan critical questions. However, he then gave up at short notice after the Erdogan delegation threatened to cancel the press conference if he was there.

Sources used: Reuters, AFP, dpa

In the trial of the allegation of child sexual abuse one hundred times over against a former boy scout supervisor, the public prosecutor has demanded eight years and six months imprisonment and subsequent preventive detention. The pleadings on Tuesday in front of the Freiburg Regional Court took place in camera, as a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor said. The court had ordered this and called the protection of personal rights as the justification.

Details of the pleadings were therefore not known. The defendant’s defense lawyer and the accessory prosecutor’s representative did not want to comment on Tuesday. According to the court, the judgment will be announced this Wednesday (1.30 p.m.).

A 42 year old German is accused. He is charged with 330 sexual assaults. According to the indictment, the former head of an evangelical scout group in Staufen near Freiburg allegedly assaulted four boys from January 2010 to August 2018. They were 7 to 14 years old at the time of the offenses.

The police arrested the man in late February 2019, and he has been in custody since then. The public was excluded for much of the trial. The accused also spoke in court without the audience and media being allowed.

According to the indictment, from 1999 to 2011 the church employee was a group leader of the Protestant scout group in Staufen with a three-year break. There he met two of the victims. He had contact with the other two boys through leisure activities and at a campsite. According to the information, there had already been suspicion of child abuse against the man (Ref .: 15 KLs 160 Js 6850/19 – AK 2/19). The church had left him with the scouts as a supervisor.

According to the authorities, a 28-year-old – also a supervisor of the boy scout group in Staufen – is suspected of sexual abuse of two boys. The investigations against him are still ongoing, as a spokeswoman for the prosecutor said.

Staufen, south of Freiburg, had made headlines for other sex crimes against a boy. According to the information, there is no connection with the allegations of abuse among the scouts.

The German Patrick K. has been in prison in Turkey since March. He is accused of belonging to a Kurdish militia. The trial has now started, a release has been refused.

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Patrick K. (29) from Gießen, who has been imprisoned in Turkey since March, must remain in custody. At the start of the trial on Friday afternoon in the southeastern Turkish city of Sirnak, the judge decided that the allegations were too serious to be released, his lawyer Hüseyin Bilgi told the German press agency.

The young man had been arrested in the Turkish-Syrian border area, according to reports from the state news agency Anadolu. The public prosecutor’s office accuses him of membership in the Kurdish militia YPG, which is active in Syria, which classifies Turkey as a terrorist organization, and of “entering a military exclusion zone”. Both together are up to 20 years imprisonment. According to his family, K. was hiking in Turkey. According to the lawyer, the next court date is set for October 26th.

Only available by video when making an appointment

Patrick K. had been switched to the hall via video link. He is in prison in the eastern Turkish province of Elazig. The court in the southeast, where K. was also apprehended, is several hundred kilometers away.

His mother Claudia S. was last able to call Patrick on Monday, as she told the dpa on Thursday. Her son was “very nervous”. He just wanted to go home. She herself was “very nervous”. For financial reasons she was unable to travel to Turkey herself. It was initially unclear whether someone from the German embassy was present at the trial.

Sources used: dpa

The trial against a former scout supervisor on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children begins on January 20, 2020. According to a notice published on Monday, the Freiburg Regional Court admitted the indictment in 330 cases. The public prosecutor’s office had originally made 676 allegations. The attacks against four children between the ages of 7 and 14 are said to have occurred between January 2010 and August 2018. For the trial before the Grand Criminal Chamber as a youth chamber, seven days are scheduled until February 18.

The police arrested a 41-year-old man from Staufen last February. The former head of a boy scout group is said to have been in custody since then. The boys were between 7 and 14 years old at the time of the offenses.

Horror for all parents: a strange man grabs his own child at the train station – and jumps with him in front of a train. This is what happened now in Wuppertal. 

A man grabbed a strange child at a train station in Wuppertal and jumped with him in front of an arriving train. The five-year-old child was lucky: it was only slightly injured. According to the police, the train had initiated an emergency brake.

According to the police, the child’s parents were with the five-year-old at the Wuppertal-Elberfeld train station. Her two other children, ages one and three, were there too. Suddenly the strange 23-year-old approached, grabbed the five-year-old, ran towards an approaching train – and jumped into the track bed.

Shortly before the collision, according to the police, the man lay down with the child lengthways between the rails. The engine driver braked, but could not prevent the train from rolling a few more meters over the two of them. 

Witnesses then held the uninjured 23-year-old until the police arrived. The man known to the police was arrested – the officers are now investigating an attempted homicide. His motive is not yet known. The little boy came to the hospital with abrasions. The family was looked after by pastors.

Sources used: dpa

The judgment in the Staufen abuse case against a former soldier of seven and a half years imprisonment is final. The district court of Freiburg announced on Wednesday that the public prosecutor and the defendant withdrew their appeals after the grounds for the verdict were available. The 51-year-old was convicted in the review process last December. In a first trial in May 2018, the court sentenced the man to eight years in prison for rape and serious child abuse. The Federal Court of Justice then partially overturned the judgment.

The soldier had confessed to having raped a boy twice in Staufen in 2017 and paid money for it. The boy had been posted on the Internet for more than two years and given to men for rape for money. Seven perpetrators and the victim’s mother were convicted by the Freiburg Regional Court.

The trial of a former scouts supervisor on suspicion of sexually abusing children hundreds of times is planned for next year. A start of the trial this year is out of the question, said a spokesman for the Freiburg Regional Court of the German Press Agency. Because of the large-scale trial of the Freiburg group rape with eleven defendants, which began at the end of June, the court is expected to be busy until the spring of next year. Only then could it negotiate the case in Staufen near Freiburg.

More than six months ago, at the end of February, the police arrested a then 41-year-old man from Staufen. The former head of a local evangelical boy scout group is said to have been in custody since then. The German is accused of having sexually assaulted four boys between 2010 and 2018. He is charged with 696 sexual assaults. The boys were between 7 and 14 years old.

At the beginning of August, the public prosecutor’s office brought charges and handed the case over to the Freiburg regional court. According to the investigators, a 27-year-old, also a supervisor of the boy scout group in Staufen, is suspected of sexual abuse.

Staufen was previously in the headlines for other sex crimes against a boy. According to the information, there is no connection to these cases of severe child abuse.

The green-black state government wants to expand deep geothermal energy. The use of geothermal energy in the south-west could make an important contribution to the energy transition, said Environment Minister Franz Untersteller (Greens) in Stuttgart on Wednesday. “However, it has so far only played a subordinate role in the heat and power supply in this country. There is very good potential in Baden-Württemberg.” The government therefore decided on Tuesday to support the expansion of this form of energy in the country. The aim is to provide information about the opportunities and to improve the framework conditions for economic use.

The state research center for geothermal energy, which is located at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, has received a research contract for this, said Untersteller.